Welcome on my Port Royale 2 Fansite!


On this fansite you can everything important to know about Port Royale 2. From the caribbean map with all towns, the solution of all missions and artefact up to hints on fighting and trading.


My new Port Royale 3 Fansite - click here.


Another important point is compatibility of Port Royale 2 and Windows Vista or Windows 7.


I started this fansite after a well known fan forum and the official forum were taken offline. I tried to preserve as much information as possible about Port Royale 2.


I hope you enjoy it. If you have any other valuable information, please contact me.



As you are interested in Port Royale 2, you may also know Patrician 2 or Patrician3.

The successor, Patrician 4, was pulished. 

I created a new fansite dedicated to Patrician 4.


You can order english version of Patrician IV or the german one.


Patrician IV


In case you own an old copy of Port Royale 2 that includes a Windows Vista/ Windows 7 incompatible copy protection, you have two options to buy a copy protection free version: 


You can buy the common budget Port Royale 2 CD version for less than £3 excl. shipping.


Port Royale 2 CD version


You can buy the Port Royale 2 game download version for $5.


Port Royale 2 game download version


And in case you need a copy protection free version of some other Ascaron classics, you should take a look at the "The Patricians and Merchants Box" from Kalypso Media.

It includes:

  • Patrician 2
  • Patrician 3
  • Darkstar One
  • Vermeer

The Patricians and Merchants Box

As I already mentioned, all games are copy protection free and therefore compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.