Player town


A list with all player towns you can get from the viceroy after a successful mission.

Building permit


It is wise to have a building permit in every viceroy town and in one governor of each nation.

Player town remark


Something you should know about player towns.

Indication of an ending war?


It was recognized there is an indication of an ending war.


Own pirate vanished too fast


Did your hired pirate vanished to fast?


Treasure fleet


Unfortunately the capturing of the treasure fleet it is not as lucrative as one might think.

Support your own pirate


As your pirate will lose or damage its ships it is neccessary to support him.



A buccaneer is in principle a pirate that sails under the flag of a nation.

Provoke a war


From time to time a war is necessary/ welcome.


How to find a buccaneer


To find a buccaneer you need some convoys covering a wide part of the caribbean.

Attack military convoys scot-free


If you have a very good reputation with a nation you can attack its military convoys without beeing chased immediatley.