On start: "translation files not found"


In case of this error the translation files of Port Royale 2 have been damaged or changed.

<h2>What is Port Royale 2 Configuration Tool used for?</h2>
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<p class="contentpaneopen">The graphics card tool is started automatically once the installation of Port Royale 2 has been completed.</p>
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<p class="contentpaneopen">You can start the configuration tool at any time by selecting it in the &quot;START&quot; menu.<br />
<br />
<u>Use colored hardware mouse-pointer</u> <br />
If you are experiencing problems with the in-game pointer you should activate this option. <br />
<br />
<u>Water reflection effects</u><br />
If activated, the water reflection effects can be seen. If you experience graphical problems or extreme slow-down you should deactivate this. <br />
<br />
<u>Compatibility mode for water reflections</u><br />
This should be activated if you experience graphical errors with the water reflection feature. <br />
<br />
<u>Show waves on ships</u><br />
If you experience graphical display errors around the ships, this option should be deactivated. <br />
<br />
<u>Start Full-Screen</u><br />
Once deactivated, Port Royale 2 will start in windowed-mode. This setting is recommended for notebooks. It is by default activated.<br />
Remark: Even though the game runs in windowed mode it is maximized to full screen size, you will not recognize that it runs in windowed mode. In some cases the graphics can look unclear. <br />
<br />
<u>Recommended Settings</u><br />
Calculates the best game settings for use with the installed graphics card. <br />
<br />
<u>Compatible Settings</u><br />
All graphical settings are deactivated. <br />
<br />
<u>Ok</u> <br />
<br />
Quit the tool and save the current settings. <br />
Remark: Settings are saved in the file &quot;Settings.cfg&quot; together with your Autoroutes and savegames under<br />
<br />
C:Documents and Settings[...Username...]My DocumentsAscaron EntertainmentPort Royale 2 <br />
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<p class="contentpaneopen">Source: Ascaron FAQ</p>

On start: "Virus Detected! (#5000)"


This issue can have multiple reasons:


I want to change the resolution of Port Royale 2


Port Royale 2 is set at 1024x768. There is no option to change the screen resolution.

The autostart menu crashes


This can have multiple reasons: 

Why is my CD not accepted as original one?


In some cases the copy protection may not accept you CD as original one. Some hints to solve the issue:

I receive the error message "Ascaron Exception: Error loading archives!"


This is caused by a faulty installation of Port Royale 2.

Does Port Royale 2 runs on Windows Vista?


The compatibility can only by guaranteed for the operating systems mentioned under the system requirements.

Error Message "msvcrt.dll not found"


The file msvcrt.dll does not match with the one from Windows®.

Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows Vista vs. Port Royale 2


Ascaron used a very effective copy protection for Port Royale 2.